Compiled / Prepared : Ms. Christina Toh


Alcohol. It is one of the most common addictive substance use worldwide. Habits of daily drinking or drinking too much at a time may lead to alcohol abuse. If left untreated, will lead to dependence or alcoholism.

Signs and symptoms of alcohol dependence are:
• Drinking alcohol in the mornings or being secretive and feeling guilty after drinking
• Often drinking alone or drunk for long periods of time
• Sudden mood changes, irritability
• Temporary blackouts or memory loss
• Headache, anxiety, insomnia or other unpleasant symptoms appearing after stopping drinking
• Lack of motivation or focus, appear lethargic
• Appears fearful, anxious or paranoid for no apparent reason

Alcohol problems may be diagnosed during a routine check-up. Physical examinations or a series of mental health assessments checks may be performed during the check-up. Treatment depends on severity of dependence. Counselor may help or self-admitting to a treatment centre. Group counselling may also be beneficial.

After detoxification, support from family and friends is important to stay sober. Seeking treatment or help earlier, the easier for stopping or quitting.

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